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    [4 May 2005] - Drempels v1.5 source code is here! [6 Feb 2005] - Drempels v1.5 is here.

    Drempels makes colorful, swirling, hallucinogenic patterns that resemble a hurricane or tornado. It normally runs in your Windows background or "desktop", replacing your old still-image wallpaper with gently-animating visuals... and meanwhile, you can use your computer just like you normally would. It uses very little CPU overhead - so little that it even runs smoothly on a 233 MHz system!

    Drempels can also be used as a screensaver; in this mode, it goes fullscreen (like a normal screensaver) instead of rendering to the desktop/background.

    Drempels works on Windows 9x, ME, NT, and 2000. It requires DirectX 5.0 or later and an MMX-capable processor.


            STEP 1 of 2: [ DOWNLOAD Drempels 1.5 here* (529 kb) ]
            STEP 2 of 2: [ Read 'drempels.txt' while it downloads ]


        [ Drempels v1.0 with 4 textures ]
        [ Drempels v1.1b with 4 textures ]
        [ Drempels v1.1b solo ]
        [ Drempels v1.2b with 4 textures ]
        [ Drempels v1.2b solo ]
        [ Drempels v1.3 with 4 textures ]
        [ Drempels v1.3 solo ]
        [ Drempels v1.3 self-installing ] (5.7 megs) - includes texture collection #2
        [ Drempels v1.4 self-installing ] (529 kb)
        [ Drempels v1.5 self-installing ] (529 kb)
        [ Texture Collection #2 ] - beautiful images from (dead link) Infinite Fish (140 kb)
        [ Texture Collection #3 ] - some textures from the (dead link) propaganda collection (340 kb)
        [ Texture Collection #4 ] - some more textures courtesy of P.i.x.l.F.u.x.a. and Martyn Parker (330 kb)
        [ also, more cool textures at (dead link) ]


        [ animated .gif screenshot ]
        [ still image screenshot ]


    [5 Apr 2001] - Drempels v1.4 has arrived! Check out the new features:
    • Finally runs in the system tray
    • Easier to use: Drempels now automatically runs in fullscreen mode when invoked as a screensaver, and in desktop mode when you invoke it yourself
    • Drempels can now automatically launch at Windows startup
    • Ugly pink color is gone forever
    • Added user-customizable overlay filter color (Desktop Mode)
    • Jpeg images are now supported
    • Images no longer have to be 256x256
    • Added 'Suspend' feature for Desktop Mode
    • Now uses the NSIS Installer w/only a 40kb footprint!
    [30 May 2001] - Some cool textures

    I've received a lot of links to the royalty-free 'propaganda' textures lately, so I picked out some good ones and bundled them up as Texture Collection 3. ( note that the above link is to a nicely packaged subset of the textures; the official website for the textures is at )

    [14 Mar 2001] - a Drempels skin for Winamp; some cool textures

    Jim has posted a very cool Winamp skin here that lets you see Drempels through Winamp. Also, Darin posted a link to a very cool texture site you should check out. Don't forget, only 256x256 textures work with Drempels (for now); for non-256x256 textures you'll need a batch converter such as the indespensible Irfanview. (Download a few hundred textures of varying sizes, then use the 'Batch conversion' feature of Irfanview to convert them all to 256x256, 16.7-million color BMP or TGA files with just a few clicks.)

    [19 Feb 2001] - Drempels discussion forums have been created!
    [15 Feb 2001] - Tip: Instant access to Drempels or the Config Panel

    Here's a tip: to create a shortcut to Drempels on your desktop, just right-click some empty place on the desktop, select "create shortcut", and find DREMPELS.SCR in your windows (or system[32]) directory. Now you can double-click this 'shortcut' icon whenever you want to manually launch Drempels... or, you can simply right-click on the shortcut and select 'configure' to go straight to the Drempels config panel. Happy tweaking... =)

    [22 Jan 2001] - Drempels is now self-installing!

    Thanks to the generous efforts of Filip de Vos, Drempels is now self-installing! All you have to do is download the executable file and follow the instructions - no more unzipping, finding your System folder, installing textures, setting your screensaver, etc... instead, just a few easy clicks.

    [8 Jan 2001] - Drempels v1.3 has arrived. New features:
    • Desktop Mode is now 20% faster
    • New keys to change animation speed and lock the behavior
    • Added key to pause animation, to temporarily conserve CPU
    • Vastly improved compatibility for most video cards
    • For a complete list of new features, see drempels.txt
    [5 Dec 2000] - Drempels v1.2 has arrived. New features:
    • New DESKTOP MODE lets you run it as your windows wallpaper!
    • New low- and medium-quality rendering modes speed things up dramatically
    • Added high-quality texture mode (bilinear texel interpolation)
    • Added support for BMP's (now you can use TGA or BMP files).
    • Added more keys to control drempels (see help screen or drempels.txt)
    • For a complete list of new features, see drempels.txt

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