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My name is the Ryan Geiss. I grow up in the midwest[ern U.S.], study the science of computer, and now working in California to work graphics stuff.

I currently work at place known as the Google, on a team which might or might not exist, on Google Glass and the other things.

Previously, I worked for Microsoft (2.3 years), primarily on skeletal tracking for Kinect (...initially known as Project Natal).

Before that, most of my work was focused on cutting-edge computer graphics & music visualizations. I worked at Nvidia (3.7 years), where very fast 3D graphics chips are made. While there, I wrote demos and special effects that showed off the cutting-edge technology in our chips. Check out Cascades (requires a GeForce 8000 series and Vista) or GeoForms (requires GeForce 7000 series).

Before that, I worked for NullSoft, mainly writing music visualizations for Winamp, one of the first popular MP3 players. Check out some of the fun music visualizers I wrote while working there: MilkDrop, Geiss 2, Monkey, and Smoke.

Before that, around 1998, I created the critically-acclaimed (and eponymous) Geiss plug-in for Winamp, which accumulated several million downloads in its first few years (...back in those days, that was a slightly more impressive number).

Here is my very-outdated resume.

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