What is Smoke?

  Smoke is a Winamp plug-in that generates rich and lively audio-driven visuals through the simulation of fluid dynamics.

The latest version is 1.06, released on August 28, 2002.    what's new?

System Requirements


  To install Smoke, simply run the installation program. It will place vis_smoke.dll in your [winamp\plugins] directory, as well as the documentation file, smoke.html.

To configure Smoke, hit CTRL+P (for Preferences) from within Winamp. On the left, under plug-ins, click 'Visualization', then select 'Smoke' on the right, then click 'Configure'. To run Smoke, you can click 'Start', or just hit CTRL+SHIFT+K.

Note that Smoke runs best in 32-bit color modes; it fares quite poorly in 16-bit color. So, please be sure your Windows display mode is set to 32-bit color when running Smoke in Windowed mode. (see the documentation for instructions on how to do this.)

If it won't run, try [re]installing Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or updating your video driver; these two things will fix the problem 90% of the time. See the Troubleshooting section of the documentation for more information.

Downloads and Links

  Download Now (smoke_106.exe)
View Documentation (smoke.html)
View Screenshots

  • DirectX (huge)
  • Winamp (about 1MB)
  • Smoke 1.06 (169 kb self-installing exe) (what's new)
  • Smoke 1.05b (118 kb self-installing exe)
  • Smoke 1.05 (120 kb self-installing exe)
  • Smoke 1.04 (120 kb self-installing exe)
  • Smoke 1.04 beta 1 (113 kb self-installing exe)
  • Smoke 1.03 (102 kb self-installing exe)
  • Smoke 1.02 (102 kb self-installing exe)
  • Smoke 1.01 (61 kb zip)
  • Smoke 1.00 (61 kb zip)

  • Comments, Questions, Tech Support:
  • Please post questions and comments in the Smoke Forum at winamp.com.


    Smoke was written by Ryan Geiss and is copyright (c) 2001+ by Nullsoft, Inc.