What is Monkey?

  Monkey is a 3D-accelerated Winamp visualization plug-in that takes you on a psychedelic journey through a never-ending network of underground passageways.

The latest version is 1.02, released on December 16, 2002, now featuring Desktop Mode, where you can run Monkey as animated Windows wallpaper!    What else is new?

System Requirements

  • Hardware-based 3D graphics acceleration
  • DirectX 8.0 or later
  • The latest version of Winamp (5.xx). Should also work with Winamp 2.72 or later, or Winamp 3 (with the Classic Visualization component).
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/etc.

  To install to Winamp 5+, run the installer as usual. Once the installation is complete, launch Winamp and hit CTRL+P to load the Preferences screen. Select 'visualization' under 'plug-ins' on the left. Now you should see a list of visualization plugins on the right; select Monkey, and click 'start' to run it. In the future, you can use the shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+K to run Monkey, and ALT+K to configure it.

Downloads and Links

  Download Now (monkey_102.exe)
View Documentation (monkey.html)
View Screenshots

  • DirectX (big)
  • Winamp 2 (less than 1MB)
  • Winamp 3 (~3 MB) and the Classic Visualization component
  • Monkey 1.0 (789 kb self-installing exe)
  • Monkey 1.01 (820 kb self-installing exe)
  • Monkey 1.02 (862 kb self-installing exe) (what's new)

  • Links:
  • Monkey Support Forum at winamp.com


    Monkey was written by Ryan Geiss and is copyright (c) 2002+ Nullsoft, Inc.